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Patty Hood

This summer day our neighbors had a landscape crew in their yard spreading mulch.  And this was the real Mulch. Not the ground pallets, trash from yard clean up.  This is how we met Nate Forbes.  I asked if he could take a walk around our yard.  He did and and took us on as new clients. We have been at this address 33 years and have had several landscape crews.  None can compare to Nate and his crew.  He shows up when he says, this team puts more into their day than any crew we have had.  And what ever the plan is for a project Nate always brings the plan to completion with more than we were expecting.  We are very pleased!!

Scott Ogden Springfield

Having used Botanico for all our Landscaping needs for the last year and a half to two years has been a great partnership! Nate is very knowledgeable about all aspects of Landscaping. All their workers are very friendly and helpful in all matters needed. I would personally recommend their services to anyone needing Professional Landscaping projects or work done, whether it is a Commercial or Residential in nature.

Raylene Appleby

We are so pleased with the work that Nathan and his crew completed at our home. From planning to planting, everything was exceptional! We couldn’t be happier!

Kathy Coleman

My husband and I were looking for a professional landscaping company to properly complete a flagstone patio another company improperly started. A friend of ours recommended Botanico. When o contacted them, they were out within the week to hear what we wanted done in addition to some water drainage issues we were having. I had the pleasure of having Nathan Cline as the foreman of the project. He and his crew completely removed the prior flagstone improperly laid and began creating the base as it should have been done. Each night, they made sure that the area was clean and even cleaned the street in front of our house.  When it was completed there were several areas that I did not like. With no hesitation, they tore the entire patio out and started over at no additional charge. Now I love how the flagstone patio turned out!!! I was so impressed with Nathan and his crew and could not have asked for a better experience. Their estimate was reasonable and I would definitely recommend them to others. In fact, we’ll see them again in the spring for our front yard.  It’s a wonderful company and great employees!!

Britt Bartells

Thanks so much! Our fire pit, and patio are awesome!